Onga Firepod B65H400K 6 1/2hp Single Impeller


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ONGA FIREPOD fire protection tank kit with Honda GX200 engine

The ideal solution against all flames.

The fire protection tank kit includes the following:

  • Blazemaster pump with Honda 6.5hp petrol engine
  • Suction and discharge hose
  • 400 litre tank
  • Tool kit
  • Barrel fire nozzle

The kit is also suitable for the following applications:

  • Water transfer
  • Traveling irrigators
  • Dust suppression

The Onga Firepod is a valuable fire protection resource as well as having the flexibility to provide a mobile water supply for all those jobs around a property like tree line or landscape watering, topping up tank supplies or watering points for livestock.

The pump is supplied already mounted on the 400 litre moulded pvc tank. With dimensions of a height of 670cm by a width of 930cm and a depth of 1060cm, the Onga Firepod can be easily carried on the tray of a utility vehicle or attached to a trailer for use as a mobile water transfer unit.

In addition the pump comes with a 20 metre length of 20mm diameter pvc discharge hose that is AS1221 rated complete with all threaded fittings and an adjustable barrel fire nozzle.

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