Pondmate 125W 240v Circulation Pump

PONDMATE Circulation Pumps

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PONDMATE 125W Circulation Pump

The PondMate circulation pump offers an extensive range with the ideal pump for the smallest water garden to larger features. Ideal for fountains, water features and hydroponics.


  • Durable construction
  • Energy efficient
  • Optional in-line use (For models PM700P and above only)
  • Encapsulated epoxy resin motor ensures safety, reliability, and durability
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with 3m or 10m cable depending on pump model and flow adjuster
  • Suitable for salt water applications
  • Each unit is individually wet-tested to guarantee reliable operation


  • Wear resistant ceramic shaft ensures long life
  • More powerful ad energy efficient magnetic rotor
  • Thermal protector
  • Encapsulated epoxy resin motor ensures safety, reliability, and durability.

Also available in this range are:

  • PM250P – 5W, Max head 0.6m, max flow 200l/hr, 13mm outlet
  • PM350P – 6W, Max head 0.7m, max flow 350l/hr, 13mm outlet
  • PM550P – 10W, Max head 1.22m, max flow 550l/hr, 13mm outlet
  • PM700P – 10.5W, Max head 1.22m, max flow 610l/hr, 13mm outlet
  • PM1000P – 17W, Max head 2m, max flow 1100l/hr, 19mm outlet
  • PM1500P – 20W, Max head 2m, max flow 1500l/hr, 19mm outlet
  • PM2400P – 40W, Max head 2.4m, max flow 2300l/hr, 13/19mm outlet
  • PM3500P – 70W, Max head 2.75m, max flow 4000l/hr, 16/25mm outlet
  • PM6000P – 125W, Max head 4.5m, max flow 5100l/hr, 19/25mm outlet
  • PM8500P – 226W, Max head 5.5m, max flow 8200l/hr, 19/25/32mm outlet

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