Onga VF150 180W Vortex Sump Pump


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ONGA VF150 0.18kW single phase sump pump

The Onga VF150 cast iron vortex sump pump is an ideal robust asset for plumbers, drainers and general household use. With flows up to 150 litres/minute and being able to pump soft solids up to 15mm diameter, the VF150 is rated highly as a versatile plumbers mate.

Product Features Customers Benefits
Cast Iron upper & lower housing Strong and durable for longer pump life
Vortex Impeller Capable of handling soft solids up to 15mm
Optimum Performance 80 litres/minute @ 4 metres head
Automatic Float Switch Protection against pump running dry
Lip Seal & Dual Mechanical Seal Improved service life

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Weight 9 kg
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