Onga JJ400K1 0.75kW 240v Farm Pump


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ONGA JJ400K1 1ph 0.75kW pump with pressure switch and pressure tank

The Farmmaster “Junior Jet” JJ range are compact and efficient pumps. Constructed in cast iron with precision-moulded hydraulic components, they are built for many years of hard work. For those looking for a household pump for a large home, the JJ400 or JJ600 can provide strong pressure throughout.

The JJ range can also be equipped with deep well injectors which are ideal for supplying water from sources where the suction lift is greater than 7.6 metres. In fact, they can be set up to draw water from any source down to 40 metres. If your source changes, the JJ range can easily be converted between shallow well and deep well applications – there is no need to buy another pump

Features & Benefits

  • High efficiency moulded impellers resulting in lower running costs and high performance
  • Coated cast iron construction for strength and longevity
  • Adaptability, can be engineered to fit almost any situation
  • Long suction possible and draw water from any source
  • TEFC industrial motor Reliable and efficient drive

Warranty: 2 Years

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Weight 26 kg
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