Onga HarmonyDuo – HD950

ONGA HarmonyDuo – HD950

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ONGA HarmonyDuo

Nothing relaxes like the sound of running water. The HarmonyDuo lets you create an environment of serene relaxation. It’s a user-friendly pump that sets a new standard in versatility, reliability and performance, wrapped up in a stylish new design. Each pump is supplied with a variety of foundation heads to provide many options for the design of your water feature.


  • Includes five different shaped fountain heads
  • The unique two way tap adjusts the height of the fountain and diverts water to the top of a waterfall or other water feature using running water
  • Suitable for ponds built using both flexible membrane liners or rigid pre-formed plastic moulded liners
  • Suitable for use with biological or pressure filters, to keep your pond water crystal clear
  • Variable height telescopic pole lifts fountain head to suit the depth of your pond
  • Quiet operation
  • Spongeless design prevents growth of bacteria
  • Double Grid Filter System minimises maintenance requirements
  • Energy efficient Vortex impeller passes some small solid materials minimising maintenance
  • DCS ceramic bearing system dramatically reduces wear, making HarmonyDuo virtually maintenance free

The HD950 has a maximum fountain height of 12cm, maximum waterfall height of 150cm and maximum flow rate of 1000l/hr.

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