Onga 75 sq ft Pantera Cartridge Filter

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Onga Pantera Cartridge Filters

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ONGA Pantera cartridge filter 75sq.ft.

The compact Onga Pantera range of Cartridge Filters makes them ideal for confined spaces. A Cartridge Filter offers a more effective filtration area for the space taken. When water is in short supply a Cartridge Filter is a wise choice, as there is minimal waste-water due to no backwash cycle.


  • Compact Design – Allowing a more effective filtration area, a Pantera cartridge filter takes up less space, is lightweight, compact and easy to install.
  • Save Water – By using a cartridge filter you do not backwash when cleaning is required. To clean the cartridge element you remove it from the housing and soak in a cleaning solution or spray down with the garden hose.
  • 40/50mm plumbing – Inlcudes connections for either 40 or 50mm plumbing.
  • Quick release lid locking ring – Making it easy to remove and clean the cartridge.
  • 10 year pro-rata warranty.* Terms and conditions apply

Also available in this range area:

  • PCFII-100 – Pantera cartridge filter 100sq.ft.
  • PCFII-150 – Pantera cartridge filter 150sq.ft.
  • PCFII-200 – Pantera cartridge filter 200sq.ft.

Please note cartridge elements are sold separately.

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