Davey Ecopure sand filter 18-48″ sand filter

Davey Ecopure Fibreglass Sandfilters

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​DAVEY Fibreglass sand filters 

Davey EcoPure range of Top Mount Multi-Port Valve (MPV) media filters is economical to maintain, very reliable and easy to use. The Davey EcoPure Media Filter includes a 6 way top mount MPV, pressure gauge, sight glass & unions, and inner tank design on the 18″ to 25″ diameter tanks.

The 25″ sand filter is suitable for average-sized pools.

This model of sand filter requires 7 bags of sand. Sand not included.

The Davey Ecopure sand filter comes in various sizes ranging from 18″ to 48″.

Davey EcoPure Media Filters, the economical, simple and compact answer to automatic pool sanitising for safe and sparkling clean pool water.
  TypeTank DiameterMax Flow RateMin Backwash Flow RateMPV Size
DEP214021″185 lpm123 lpm40mm
DEP254025″260 lpm173 lpm40mm
DEP285028″325 lpm217 lpm50mm
DEP325032″415 lpm277 lpm50mm
DEP365036″520 lpm347 lpm50mm
DEP405040″650 lpm433 lpm50mm

Please call us at 9478 2229 for special pricing on other models.

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Weight25 kg

DEP2140 21", DEP2540 25", DEP2850 28", DEP3250 32", DEP3650 36", DEP4050 40"

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