Puretec – Undersink UV Filter System

Puretec – Undersink UV filter System

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Puretec Tripla undersink UV filtration system with LED mixer tap

The Puretec ESR2-Tripla systems incorporates Puretec Radfire’s ultraviolet technology and Tripla’s triple action tap all in one system.

This system is designed to kill to kill 99.9% of bacteria in untreated water supplies. It also removes sediment, dirt, rust bad taste and odour without using chemicals. The Tripla mixer tap gives you hot, cold, filtered/or rainwater water, all from just one mixer. There’s absolutely no mixing of filtered and unfiltered water.


  • Specifically designed to kill harmful microorganisms in untreated water supplies
  • Uses Puretec Radfire™ ultraviolet technology to kill 99.9% of bacteria – eco-friendly and does not use chemicals
  • Removes sediment, dirt, rust, bad taste and odour. Silver impregnated to prevent bacterial growth
  • Hot, cold, filtered/or rainwater water all from just one mixer
  • No mixing of filtered and unfiltered water

The ESR2 range is available with different Tripla LED mixer taps.

Includes UV filter system, Tripla mixer tap, plumbing kit, mounting bracket and pressure limiting valve.

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