Davey ASHS60-08RB Aquashield U.V. Package

Davey Aquashield Pressure Boosting and Treatment Packages

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DAVEY Aquashield pressure boosting systems with HS60-08 pump and rainbank

Davey Aquashield packaged systems are an all in one pressure boosting and treatment systems. Supplied complete with a neutral cover and factory tested they are ready to plumb into your water supply line and connect to a standard 10amp power point.

The system contains a Davey pump and controller, Filterpure 2-stage filtration and Steriflo UV disinfection. Options are available for pumping rainwater using a Davey pump and Torrium controller or our industry leading RainBank for mixed rainwater and mains water supply.

The systems are available with a Davey Rainbank controller for applications with dual water sources or with a Davey Torrium controller for applications with single water sources.

The ASHS60-08RB is ideal for medium pressure application and can be used for up to 70lpm.

The Aquashield packaged systems can be used for the following applications:

  • Pressure boosting and disinfection of rainwater
  • Large home potable water supply
  • School shower and toilet blocks
  • Guest house potable water supply

Also available in this range are:

  • ASHS60-08T – Medium pressure with Torrium2 for single water source
  • ASHM60-10T – Higher pressure with Torrium2 for single water source
  • ASHM60-10RB – Higher pressure with Rainbank for mains backup
  • ASD42AB-RB – Medium pressure with submersible pump with Rainbank for mains backup
  • ASD53AB-RB – Higher pressure with submersible pump with Rainbank for mains backup

Guarantee: 2 Years

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