Davey ACX2 Steriflo – Hi flow commercial UV systems

Davey Steriflo – Hi flow commercial UV systems

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Davey Steriflo hi flow commercial UV systems – ACX2

The Steriflo® ACX and ALX range of UV sterilisers is designed for the economical disinfection of water in a wide variety of applications. The design incorporates a comprehensive electrical specification and rugged treatment chamber constructed from 316L schedule 10 stainless steel pipe. The lamps in ALX series UV systems are high output, high efficiency Indium Amalgam lamps. The system features a programmable LED display control with plug and play connections and web based remote access is available as an option on some models.

UV disinfection for larger volumes of water. Flow rates up to 900LPM of clear water. Talk to us about UV treatment of storm water and waste water.


  • Farm wash down
  • Large scale irrigation
  • Golf course watering
  • Non-validated potable water supply
  • Commercial swimming pools

Also available are:

  • ALX2/6 – 35m³/hr maximum flow
  • ALX2/8 – 35m³/hr maximum flow
  • ALX4/6 – 70m³/hr maximum flow
  • ALX4/8 – 85m³/hr maximum flow
  • ALX6/10 – 150m³/hr maximum flow
  • ALX8/10 – 200m³/hr maximum flow
  • ALX8/12 – 240m³/hr maximum flow
  • ALX10/12 – 275m³/hr maximum flow

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