Electric Motor Rewinds and Overhauls

From thorough overhaul inspections and quality rewinds, to detailed repairs and part replacements, each electric motor requires a unique service. This is where APS comes in, as our years of experience and fully equipped workshop are well positioned in Perth to take care of all your electric motor overhauls and rewinds, from 75 Watts to 500kW.

What are electric motor rewinds and overhauls?

Electric motor rewinding is an important part of ensuring the longevity of your motor. When the winding fails in a motor the repair method is called ‘rewinding’. This involves unwinding old stator and rotor windings and replacing them with new ones.

As well keeping your motor in top condition it’s also a cost-effective choice compared to purchasing a new motor. Rewinding is a specific mechanical skill, so it is vital to choose a team with extensive experience working with electric motors.

Another crucial service to keeping your electric more running smoothly over time is to get regular electric motor overhauls. A thorough overhaul will include all required electrical and mechanical check tests to confirm the motors’ condition, followed by a thorough inspection and clean of all component parts after dismantling. All defect parts are repaired or replaced, and each rotor and stator windings are cleaned, dried, and varnished.

Whether your vehicle requires electric motor rewinding or repair, our expert team at APS is here to provide our wealth of experience and advise you on the best option for your vehicle. We understand the importance of professional standard maintenance to keep your motors running smoothly for as long as possible.

How APS can help.

Our highly experienced team of technicians and fully equipped workshop are on hand to deliver quality electric motor rewinds, repairs, and replacements. No job is too big, and we carry out motor overhauls and rewinds on all electric motor brands, from Toshiba to Teco.

We look after:

  • Single and 3-phase AC motors
  • DC motors
  • Crane and Hoist motors
  • 2-Speed and 3-Speed motors
  • Conversion of motors from 415v to 1000v
  • Alternators and Generators to 680kvA
  • Cooling tower motors
  • Motor gearboxes and eddy current drives
  • Solenoid coils and rigid fields
  • Clutch coils for air-conditioning systems
  • Modification of new motors to Australian/client/mining standards

If the service you are after isn’t listed, get in touch today to discover how we at APS can help. If you need an electric motor overhaul, rest assured we will get in touch regarding any repairs needed beyond the scope of the overhaul before carrying them out.