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Onga, Lowara, Ebara & Davey Bore Pumps Perth

They are ideal for industrial applications where durability and power is required at all times. Our range has the ability to consistently and reliably lift water from depths of up to 7m. This makes them perfect for water transfer work from shallow bores and wells. Whether you are clearing a dam, storage tank or stock watering, our bore pumps can transfer water quickly and efficiently.


Our Pumps


APS Rewinds and Sales provides businesses throughout Perth and WA with the pumping capacity they need. We offer effective solutions to companies across all industries and sectors. APS has a wide range of models that vary in function and price. We ensure that every end user can find the bore pump they require to complete their work, to the standards they demand.


The team at APS Rewinds & Sales has the expertise and knowledge, gained through many years of experience, to provide expert advice. Regardless of the size of your operation, our team can help you select the perfect product to suit your requirements. Talk to us about your bore pumps and we will be happy to supply any information you need. We provide technical specifications and capacities, as well as quotes for all of our range.


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