You can have complete confidence in the skill and professional service of A.P.S Rewinds & Sales.


Kintana Pty Ltd is a wholly Western Australian owned company trading as A.P.S. Rewinds & Sales at 55 Robinson Avenue, Belmont, Western Australia.

A.P.S. Rewinds & Sales took over the business of Australian Power Service Co Pty Ltd in 1995 (established in 1964) which conducted electrical engineering and electric motor rewinds, service and sales in East Perth.  Managing Director of A.P.S. Rewinds & Sales, Dave Walker, is an A-Grade licensed Electrical Fitter and Electrical Mechanic who has worked for A.P.S. for over 50 years.  Dave has extensive knowledge of every aspect of electric motor repair and is committed to providing a quality-controlled workshop which reflects this expertise.

Our workshop staff combined has over 150 years of experience. With high standards of workmanship, technical knowledge and quality procedures we can carry out repair work and maintenance for you with efficiency and distinction.

Why You Will Want to Choose A.P.S. Rewinds & Sales

Over 8,000 customers choose us because we Guarantee Results.

  • All workmanship is covered by our workshop guarantee and new products are covered by Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • We have a Showroom so that you can see before you buy.
  • We have a fully equipped workshop – not just an Online “shop face” – capable of pump repairs and electric motor rewinds from 75 Watts to 500kW.
  • We have a “No Risk” policy for domestic pumps – If we find, after dismantling, that it is more economical to replace your pump with a new one, we waive the dismantle fee and only charge our usual discounted price for the new pump. Guaranteed!
  • We are Warranty Agents. As Davey Premium Master Dealer and a certified Onga Pump Shop, we can do warranty repairs in our Belmont workshop, saving you time and expense.
  • We can supply Insurance Electrical Repairers Reports for Fusion and other claims.  If your pump or motor is “burnt out” and you wish to claim against your Householders’ policy, we will complete and e-mail an Electrical Repairers Report direct to your insurance company, saving you time and expense.
  • We have a secure Online Shop where you can shop for specials and have them delivered to your door without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • We have a full range of spare parts for Davey Pumps, Onga Pumps, Bore Pumps, Pressure Pumps, and Pool Pumps as well as electric motor spares, such as capacitors and bearings.

Quality Brands

A.P.S. is an authorised Davey Premium Master Dealer and a certified Onga Pump Shop, carrying a comprehensive stock of new pumps and filtration equipment.  As well, you have a choice of a wide range of major brands of electric motors, such as ABB, Toshiba, Teco, Weg, Techtop and C.M.G.

Quality Workmanship

We stand by our workmanship with 12 months’ warranty and a pickup and delivery service for jobs up to two tonnes is available.

Just look at the awards A.P.S. has received through our devotion to customer care and service:

  • “National and State Master Dealer of the Year” Davey Water Products 2015
  • “Spirit of Australia” Belmont Small Business Awards 2014
  • “Judges Award” Belmont Small Business Awards 2012
  • “Gold Award” Davey Water Products 2011
  • “Enterprise of the Year” Belmont Small Business Awards 2009


Motor Rewinds and Overhauls

Our fully equipped workshop takes care of all your electric motor rewinding and overhaul needs from 75 Watts to 500 kW. We rewind and repair all brands of electric motors including but not limited to … ABB, Toshiba, Teco, Weg, Fasco, CMG, Marathon, Monarch, Pope, Brook Crompton Parkinson and Techtop.

Just check out this list and call us … and if your job is not on it, still call us on (08) 9478 2229 for a prompt assessment of your needs:

  • 3-phase AC motors
  • Single phase AC motors
  • Conversion of motors from 415v to 1000v
  • DC motors
  • Crane and Hoist motors
  • 2-Speed and 3-Speed motors
  • Alternators and Generators to 680kvA
  • Industrial fans and cooling tower motors
  • Motor gearboxes and eddy current drives
  • Solenoid coils and rigid fields
  • Clutch coils for bus and train air-conditioning systems
  • Modification to Australian standards and/or client or mining specification of new motors

Pump Repairs and Overhauls

Does your pump need repair or an overhaul …?  A.P.S. Rewinds & Sales repairs and overhauls a wide range of pumps. We cater to all ends of the market, from domestic pool and pressure pumps to large industrial and commercial pumps …. We can repair them all!  Is your job on this list?  Call us on 9478 2229:

  • Bore and Transfer pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Engine-driven firefighting pumps
  • Deep Well and Shallow Well pumps
  • Domestic and commercial pressure pumps
  • End suction centrifugal ISO Spec pumps

As a Davey Premium Master Dealer and a certified Onga Pump Shop, A.P.S. has the ability to carry out all your repairs to Davey and Onga products. You’ll find our service to be timely and very cost-effective reducing downtime for you, our customer.

Major brands of pump serviced in addition to Davey and Onga products are: Southern Cross, Flygt, Grundfos, Ebara, Franklin, Grindex, KSB-Ajax, Lowara, Stalker, and many others.

New Products Sales

Electric motors

We meet all your needs for electric motors from small aluminium frame electric motors to high efficiency cast iron mining spec motors.  We can supply motors to suit your needs, whether for domestic, industrial or mining applications.

Additionally, we modify new motors to Australian Standards and/or client and mining specifications to meet each individual requirement.  Modifications such as reversing of terminal boxes, fitting of anti-condensation heaters, bearing and winding RTDs, and rewinding to 1000V, can all be done in our fully equipped workshop.

We supply motors from all major brands such as Toshiba, Teco, Monarch, CMG, Marathon, Weg and Fasco.


A.P.S. supplies new pumps for any application including pool pumps, bore pumps, farm and irrigation pumps, engine-driven firefighter pumps, end suction ISO Spec centrifugal pumps, vertical multistage pumps, domestic and commercial pressure pumps.

Being a Premium Master Dealer for Davey and Onga pumps, A.P.S. can provide you with quality pumps at highly competitive prices. We can also supply the following brands at competitive prices: 

  • Franklin
  • Ebara
  • Grundfos
  • Lowara
  • Stalker
  • Flojet
  • Shurflo


Water Purification and Filtration

Do you want to save on water costs?  It is vital to look after our water resources.  People are focusing more on treating both mains water and rainwater on the home front to purify it of harmful chemicals and pollution.  Purified water from the tap is also an environmentally friendly response to the problems of plastic bottled water, so you can save the environment at a fraction of the cost!

A.P.S. Rewinds & Sales offers just the right solutions for all your drinking water needs.

As authorised agents for Davey Microlene Water treatment systems and Puretec products, we can offer you a wide range of products. We have just the right solutions for treating mains water, rainwater, water analysis and equipment. Products offered (but not limited to) are:

  • Whole of house water treatment systems with ultra-violet kits
  • Kitchen under-sink drinking water systems
  • Water softeners
  • Portable water filters for caravans
  • Food and beverage industry filtration
  • Iron removal water systems
  • V. Steriflo systems
  • Reverse osmosis units
Our team thanks you for this opportunity to introduce APS to you. We trust we can be of service to you now and in the future. Don’t hesitate to call us on 08 9478 2229