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FOAM-FAST bushfire kit

FOAM-FAST bushfire kit

Product Description

Code: 4010R-3LB 

FOAM-FAST™ 4010R-3LB bushfire kit - Foam Cartridge nozzle 

The Foam-Fast™ Wildfire Kit consists of a solid foam cartridge nozzle which attaches to a standard ¾" garden hose for wet-down pre-treatment of combustible materials and for the extinguishing small fires.  The foam can also be used to protect plants and shrubs from heat stress and/or burning.  Only 30 psi or 210kPa (2.1 Bar) of water pressure is required.

Is Foam-Fast environmentally friendly?

Yes, each Foam-Fast cartridge is 100% Bio-degradable and non-toxic.

What is Foam Fast and how does it work?

Foam-Fast is an easy-to-use, affordable Class-A foam applicator for pre-treatment during the threat of bushfire or while performing other hazardous activities such as managing burn piles, mowing or weed trimming. 

Class-A foam has been used for decades by professional fire-fighters. Class-A foam facilitates wetting of Class-A fuels (wooden structures, shrubs, trees, etc…) by lowering the surface tension of the water and assisting with the water's saturation of the fuels.  The resulting “foamy water” aids in fire suppression by preventing ignition.

The Foam-Fast applicator is a revolutionary new way for anyone with a garden hose to produce Class-A “foamy water”, suitable for protecting Class-A fuels. Simply place a foam cartridge in the applicator, attach the applicator to a standard garden hose, and your Foam-Fast is ready to operate!


RRP: $270.00